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Why Brides are Choosing Designer Bridal Shoes

Fashion is ever-changing. What is in style this year may not be considered stylish next year. Clothes are the perfect example of this. For a period the rave in

10 Alternatives to the Traditional Bachelorette Party

Almost all brides have some sort of bachelorette party before their big day. But, today’s trend-setting brides-to-be, are passing on a night filled with bar hopping, male dancers, embarrassing

Wedding Theme – A Spring Wedding is Lovely and Saves Money, Too!

Ideas, Tips, and Reasons Why You Should Get Married in Spring! Ahhhhhh Spring! After the doldrums of Winter, the freshness of Spring rejuvenates us all. It is a time

Maid of Honor Jokes

10 Jokes or One Liners that Can Be Used During the Maid-of-Honor Speech 1. I went to college with the bride, and I honestly don’t know why she is
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