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Every Last Detail: Planning Out The Perfect Wedding

When it comes time to start planning your wedding, it might feel as though there is a whirlwind of catalogs and shops and invitations and seating arrangements and menus and rental spaces and relatives and showers – it all piles up so quickly, and it can be extremely overwhelming. If you happen to be planning a wedding and are experiencing an undue amount of stress, take a breath and relax; it will all come together just fine.

perfect wedding

perfect wedding

In a sea of decisions and opinions, the bride- and groom-to-be are often exasperated by the major complications that arise. They anguish, hassle and haggle over everything, and sometimes it’s hard to know what is important anymore. It might be time to step back and re-evaluate your wedding planning with a clearer perspective:


This is one decision you can make quickly, and in turn, rest a little easier when it’s done. When you’re looking for elegant banquet chairs, it’s simple to decide based on color and taste. Choose the best option that suits your occasion and rest assured, even the simplest choices can reflect very well upon your Big Day.

Saving the Date

For something that is a precursor to the actual invitation, the practice of sending an artful, tasteful save-the-date has become a very large chore. With the invitation, overt elegance, even opulence is something of an easy route; yet, couples are consistently trying to outdo one another for their Save-The-Date. Keep it simple. Be direct. Don’t overstress on it. Your guests will appreciate it and you will love saving the time on a save-the-date invite that doesn’t get saved most of the time.

Chicken Or…?

Like with the above, the meal is often over-thought to the point of exhaustion. Consider the fact that every chef will present to you their finest plate for tasting and every guest will be content (read: should be) with a simple choice of chicken or fish. If you want to be sure you are getting the best possible meal for your guests, eat at the restaurant as an ordinary patron. Don’t let on that you are sampling for your wedding and you will receive a truly honest dish.

Dressing the Part

Finding that perfect wedding dress – yes, that is something that the bride wants to plan out perfectly. But when it comes to the groom, a tux is a tux is a tux. And bridesmaids’ dresses will always only have one use. Don’t stress over something that will inevitably end up in the back of your best friend’s closet—it’s okay to put your time and energy into something that will be front and center in all of your memories. And with the growing number of bridal restoration services, it’s quite possible that you could pass your wedding dress down to your daughter, so pick a one that you love.

From banquet chairs to invitations to the first dance, all the details of planning your wedding can seem very overwhelming when you think about taking it on all at once. Take a deep breath and prioritize your planning- the end goal is what’s most important, which is a beautiful and memorable day for you and your future spouse.

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