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Make Your Own Wedding Dress Spectacular!

If you are looking for a way to look uniquely special on your wedding day, then you have to pick the right wedding dress for yourself. The style of your dress is the most important factor in creating a spectacular look on your wedding day.

Wedding gowns come with a variety of styles – ranging from modern to vintage, funky and stylish to traditional and elegant, cheap to expensive, white to colorful, etc. Though there are many types and varieties, wedding gowns can be divided into five basic styles: A-line/Princess, Empire, Column, Mermaid/Fishtail and Ball Gown.

A Line Wedding Dress Or Princess Wedding Dress

The A-line or princess wedding dress that resembles the capital A, is appropriate for most occasions and body types as it flares at the bottom. It hugs the waist, so it creates a slimmer waistline and flatters the bust. If you have wider hips, the A-Line will cover them up effectively and if you have narrower hips the cut of the skirt will give you some shape.

A Line Wedding Dress Gown

Empire Wedding Dress
The Empire style has a waistline just below the busts, and flows till the bottom, also making it a versatile style for most body types. The dress is great if you have a broad waist and a small bust. The long line makes petite brides look taller such as Jane Austen.

Column Wedding Dress
The column dress is characterized by a narrow shape that flows straight down from the neckline to the hem, it hugs the bride body shape and looks great on tall, willowy bride. This is the one to give you that catwalk look! It will also work well on a more petite figure.

Mermaid Wedding Dress Or Fishtail Wedding Dress
The mermaid silhouette contours to the figure from the chest to the knee, before flaring out. Same with Column style wedding dress design, it tends to hug the body and show any and all of the curves of the body, making it ideal for curvy girls with balanced hip and bust measurements.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress
Sometimes known as Ballgown or Fairytale wedding dress because the traditional ball gown style has a fitted torso and a large full skirt that gives a fairy-tale style look, suitable for most body types – especially tall figures.

As a conclusion, if you have a wedding dress style you like very much but do not fit well with your body. You are adviced to select the right style that can enhance your elegant look instead of the one you like. Let your big wedding day be perfect when you walk down the isle with the dress that suit you the best.

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