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Save Money at Your Wedding Day

No doubt, wedding is one of the most important events in life for many people. This day is especially significant for girls, who are eager to have the best and the most luxury wedding in the world. Much money is spent to this event, which takes only two, three days of our life. Brides try to buy expensive and brand wedding dresses, chic accessories, flowers and so on. They rent some exclusive restaurants, luxury cars, hotels. Besides, the most deluxe places for rest are booked to spend the honeymoon at the highest level.  I don’t already mention the decorations, ceremony and other integral details of the wedding. Only imagine, what a crazy sum of money leaves the family budget during these days.

wedding hall

I want to dedicate this post to those brides, who like to celebrate this important holiday sumptuously, but wisely and saving family budget.

Remember, that it is not worth to invite many guests to your wedding, even if you are a public person. I advise you to invite only the closest people. Don’t try to impress all friends with a luxury. It will be in vain. Anyway, there will be somebody, who won’t notice your efforts or even judge you. People often visit such occasions to have just a fun, forgetting the significance of the event at all. That is why invite only those friends, who really love and cherish you. Even ten real friends are better than a mass of unconcerned guests.

Don’t rent expensive restaurant. It is a silly outlay. You’d better to book some good, comfortable café or restaurant with the universal delicious cuisine, because you can’t guess all tastes of your visitors.  Choose a light place with fresh holiday interior. It shouldn’t be dark, dull or cold. The environment should be warm and friendly. The furniture of the café must be comfortable and neat as well. Don’t rent a place in the motley colors.

As for decorations, I advise you not to apply many of them. They distract attention and annoys people quickly. Considering the fact that wedding is held during quite long time, use pastel gentle patterns, decoration, flowers. They will relax guests and create genial atmosphere. Don’t buy too many natural flowers. Save both nature and your money. Few little bouquets are enough for holiday. By the way, you can buy flowers directly from somebody’s house. They will be really fresh and not so expensive as in the shops they are. Arrange bouquets by your own. If it is difficult for you, ask friends for help. It is a very pleasant and refined activity.

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Don’t buy too lush and defiant wedding dress. It always looks funny and ordinarily. Besides it causes own great discomfort, when you spend long time in such clothes. It limits your movements and turns you into some comic character. Be careful and wise in the choice of the wedding clothes.

Invite a good and well-tried toast-maker. Although not many newlyweds invite such people for wedding now, because it is out of fashion, I recommend you to do it. Believe me, a good toast-maker will make your wedding fabulous, joyful and unforgettable one.

As for honeymoon, I advise to spend it in the place, which will be nice for both. Think thoroughly before starting off, because honeymoon is one of the most romantic moments in family life.

I wish you good marriage.

About the author: Sarah Hall is an incredible essay writer. She has fantastic skills for describing everything she saw during her trips. She is able for contacting here: Google+

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